TAF-DRP Call 3

TAF-DRP Call 3

Selected Projects -  3rd Call of TAF-DRP

The Selection of Projects for the third Call of TAF-DRP is now complete. All applications have been evaluated on formal criteria and their quality. The quality assessment has been conducted by the concerned Priority Area and their Steering Groups.

Facts and Figures:

  • Projects in 9 Priority Areas
  • Project Leaders come from 9 different Danube Region Countries
  • 29,4% of Project Leaders are NGOs, followed by Universities and Local Authorities (17,7%)

List of Selected Projects_Call 3_TAF-DRP.pdf

All applicants were informed via Email about the selection on 23rd October, 2015.
In case you applied for TAF-DRP support, but did not receive any notification, please contact Mira Ebner: mira.ebner@eurovienna.at.

First Outcomes

The third call for proposals of “TAF-DRP” was closed on June 26thth 2015. 22 applications were submitted via the Online Application Tool, representing 12 Danube Region Countries and 9 Priority Areas.

Summary and Statistics of submitted applications