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Open calls, Policy Learning - News from the Interreg programmes

Posted by Claudia Singer, Thursday, 21st September 2017 @ 9:10 am
Open calls, Policy Learning - News from the Interreg programmes
Open calls, Policy Learning - News from the Interreg programmes

Interreg central europe: 3RD call open until january

The 3rd call of the Central Europe Programme will support new transnational cooperation ideas aiming to improve capacities for urban and regional development in 4 priority areas: innovation and knowledge development, CO2 reduction, natural and cultural resources, transport. The call will be open from the 21st of September 2017 till the 25th of January 2018.

The call addresses the following topics:

  • 5 fully open specific objectives encouraging actions on:

SO 2.2 - Low-carbon energy planning strategies and policies supporting climate change mitigation

SO 3.1 - Capacities for the protection and sustainable use of natural heritage and resources

SO 3.3 - Environmental management of functional urban areas

SO 4.1 - Planning and coordination of regional passenger transport systems for better connections to existing networks

SO 4.2 - Coordination among freight transport stakeholders for multimodal environmentally-friendly solutions

  • 4 specific objectives focused on exclusive topics such as:

SO 1.1 - Sustainable linkages among actors of the innovation systems

SO 1.2 - Skills and entrepreneurial competences for advancing economic & social innovation

SO 2.1 - Energy efficiency and renewable energy usage in public infrastructures

SO 3.2 - Capacities for the sustainable use of cultural heritage and resources

The application procedure is a simplified one-step online procedure. Applicants can register at the <a href=">here in order to access the electronic monitoring system (eMS) where project proposals are completed and submitted</p> <p style=" text-align:=">More information on the call can be found on the Interreg Central Europe website.


URBACT: open call for transfer networks UNTIL JANUARY

URBACT is addressing networks whose aim is to support European cities through designing and implementing sustainable integrated urban policies.

Transfer networks support cities in adapting and transferring of good practices and are useful exchange and learning tools for cities. A call for the creation of up to 25 Transfer network will be open till the 10th of January 2018 15:00 CET for the online submission of the Phase 1 applications. Proposals can be submitted by the 97 URBACT Good Practice cities already selected in the call for Good Practice held in June 2017.

Applicants are invited to read the Terms of reference for the call and the Guide to Transfer Network. Good Practice cities ready to submit their proposal can send an e-mail to which will open the online application form.

More information is available on the Urbact website.



The learning platform is an important instrument to spread good practices and learn from the experience and solutions of users´ peers made even more helpful by the know-how of experts in the following topic areas: research and innovation, competitiveness of SMEs, low-carbon economy, and the environment and resource efficiency.

The platform is now open to all policymakers in Europe and to everyone who is interested.

Registration for new users is available here while already registered users only need to login. Please visit the Interreg Europe website for further information,