1st call of the DTP Seed Money Facility is open now

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1st call of the DTP Seed Money Facility is open now

Posted by Claudia Singer, Monday, 9th October 2017 @ 10:07 am
1st call of the DTP Seed Money Facility is open now
1st call of the DTP Seed Money Facility is open now

The Interreg programme Danube Transnational developed a Seed Money Facility in order to support the development of projects related to the thematic priorities of the EU Startegy for the Danube Region (EUSDR). The facility provides the funding to project ideas with macro-regional relevance in order to make them ready to apply for further national, transnational, cross border, EU or other public or private funding. The maximum budget of a seed money project is EUR 50,000.00. The maximum Programme co-financing amount is up to 85% of the total budget, therefore EUR 42,500.00. The co-financing rate applies to all seed money project partners. The duration of Seed Money projects is up to 12 months. The funding is based on the principle of re-imbursement.

Applications can be submitted until 7 December 2017.

Which Activities will be funded?

The Seed Money Facility finances the preparation of strategic,more complex projects. The projects are expected to be output-based, meaning that every project needs to provide 3 mandatory outputs:

  1. Report on the state of play in the addressed field
  2. Main project work plan
  3. Report on funding possibilities

The following types of expenditures are eligible:

  1. Staff costs
  2. Office and administrative expenditure
  3. Travel and accomodation costs
  4. External expertise and service costs

Please carefully study the SMF Programme Manual for the specific eligibility rules.

Which Topics will be funded?

In general, the Seed Money Facility supports topics related to the Priority Areas of the EU Startegy for the Danube Region. Each Priority Area defined specific topics that need to be addressed by the projects. Please find an overview of all topics in the SMF Programme Manual.
Priority Area 10 "Institutional Capacity and Cooperation" addresses the following topics:

  1. Low-threshold provision of local services for ethnic minorities (e.g. Roma), refugees, people with disabilities, lone parents, migrants, low-skilled people, homeless people, early school leavers and/or elderly people in cities and municipalities.
  2. Fostering innovative models of cooperation between civil society and local public authorities to develop modern social, health and educational services.
  3. To create innovative tools to promote digital cities in the Danube Region in order to strengthen transparency.
  4. Fostering transnational/cross border cooperation at local level to overcome administrative interregional barriers

More details on the topics are available here or in the SMF Programme Manual, respectively.

Declaration of Alignment

Please note that the Priority Area Coordinators follow specific procedures for the check related to the "Declaration of Alignment". Priority Area10 "Institutional Capacity and Cooperation" requires at least 10 working days for confirming the alignment of the project idea to the topics of the Seed Money Facility and signing the "Declaration of Alignment". Thus, please consider to submit your project idea in due time and not later than 13 November 2017, 12.00 CET!

Please send the project idea to one of the offices of Priority Area Coordination 10 "Institutional Capacity and Cooperation". The contact details are available here.