4th Danube Financing Dialogue

4th Danube Financing Dialogue

4th Danube Financing Dialogue  


The Danube Financing Dialogue is a unique opportunity for private and public project developers and financiers to discuss vital issues related to the financing of promising projects in the Danube Region. The 4th Danube Financing Dialogue will take place on 23-24 April 2015 in Zagreb.

Follow-up report
Follow up report_4th DFD in Zagreb.pdf
Nachbericht_4th DFD in Zagreb.pdf

Final Agenda
Final Agenda_4th DFD.pdf

Opening speech
Kurt Puchinger Opening

1_Onida_EUSDR for Danube Region.pdf
2_Marusic_EBRD in Croatia.pdf
4_Belovari_Challenges and opportunities.pdf
5_Csany_From Project Idea…to Implementation.pdf

Posters of Project Exhibition
1_Danube Peace Boat.pdf
3_Navtrans Phare.pdf
4_Down to Earth.pdf
5_ESRA Termekalap Magyar.pdf
6_GWP CEE.pdf
7_OUS Education.pdf
9_Network ESEE.pdf
10_Monitoring system.pdf
11_Regional governor.pdf
12_Regulate bed of the river Cehotina in Pljevlja.pdf
13_Academ Link.pdf
14_DSTF Sturgeon 2020.pdf
15_Travelling Danube Film Festival.pdf
16_Interest EuroNorms.pdf
18_Accumulator plants in Brassicaceae.pdf
19_Building Schwabenhaus.pdf
20_Safe guarding cultural heritage.pdf

Day 1
Day 2

List of participants
4th DFD_List of participants.pdf

Who was attending?

  • Representatives of financial institutions and funding agencies offering, inter alia, loans, grants and guarantees
  • Project promoters from the Danube Region
  • Public actors involved in the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR)

Match-making opportunities

  1. Face-to-face meetings: Participants can schedule meetings with the partner of interest
  2. Match-making session: Small group discussions on project financing issues
  3. Poster exhibition
  4. Informal networking

Directions and hotels 
Information letter 4thDFD_Zagreb.pdf

On behalf of
The European Commission | DG REGIO

Implemented by
Kurt Puchinger | EUSDR Priority Area 10 Coordinator | City of Vienna

Metis GmbH | financing-dialogue@metis-vienna.eu |  T +43 1 997 1570 – 11 

Hosted by
Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs

With the support of
Croatian National Bank
Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds